The Basement With Tim Ross

About the Podcast

The Basement is the safest place on the planet. We encourage people to come down from the desired high-rise to The Basement. We get real, vulnerable, and honest.This is a space where I want to provide mentorship, and also speak with those of influence.

Podcast Details

Release Time: Tues. 9pm CST
Subjects: Mentorship
Host: Tim Ross

The Host and Crew

Tim Ross

Tim Ross, podcast host, is a professional listener, learner, and “leaner”. He leans in to conversations most people avoid, and he loves it!

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Sam Byers

Sam, producer, loves conversations and people. He also loves podcasting and believes organic conversations are what people desire in this day and age!

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Hector Guerrero

Hector, producer, is the go -to guy everyone hears laughing in the background every week. Full blown internet savage who hustles for Jesus Christ.

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Basement Dwellers, we thank you for your endless support. We hope you enjoy our merchandise and that it would strike up conversations to bring more people down to the Basement.

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