Upset the world

Don’t mind us, we’re just trying to turn people’s lives upside down with the message, love, and hope of Jesus Christ. To that end we get really creative in our approach to doing so.

How? A random act of kindness. A hug. A conversation. We intentionally spend our days looking for ways to show God’s love to people any and every we that we can. This is how we upset people. This is how we choose to upset the world!

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The Basement With Tim Ross

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The Basement is the safest place on the planet. We encourage people to come down from the desired high-rise to The Basement. We get real, vulnerable, and honest. This is a space where I want to provide mentorship, and also speak with those of influence.

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Let’s Upset the World

Join Tim Ross in the Journey to Become a World Upsetter in the Kingdom of Love, Service, and Unstoppable Grace

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Tim Ross

Tim Ross is a podcaster, influencer, author, and preacher. Since giving his life to Jesus on January 14th, 1996. Tim has traveled the world speaking, leading, strategizing, and helping people bring the message, love, and hope of Jesus Christ to all of humanity.

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Basement Dwellers, we thank you for your endless support. We hope you enjoy our merchandise and that it would strike up conversations to bring more people down to the Basement.

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