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Both Tim and Juliette have been top-rated speakers at some of the largest events across the country for over a decade. Their energy is electric, and each topic is covered with passion. Tim’s thought provoking and challenging style  often takes his audience on a journey towards life-changing action steps. Juliette’s encouragement and compassion towards seeing her audience transform their lives with practical application, is felt through every encounter. Whether speaking as a team or individually, Tim and Juliette’s session will surely be the highlight of your event.

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Speaker, author, mentor, and The Basement Host Tim Ross on stage during a speaking event
Speaking Topics

Topics Tim is passionate about.


Vulnerability is Tim’s superpower. People either trust him because of it or are triggered because of it. Tim teaches people how to embrace being H.O.T. (Honest, Open, Transparent) and live a life that is attractive and authentic.


Tim was sexually abused at 8 years old. He overcame sexual trauma, low self esteem, wounds of abandonment and attachment to become one of the most sought after speakers in both non profit and for profit sectors.


Tim unashamedly loves Jesus and has a very unique way to living, displaying, and sharing his faith. No one can get close to Tim and not notice that there is something VERY different about him.


Tim has a passion for training men and women to become successful leaders through the use of tactical empathy. He’s highly sought after to train executives how to lead from the inside out.

Juliette Ross speaking on stage during a live event
Speaking Topics

Topics Juliette is passionate about.

Development & Discipleship

One of Juliette’s passions is to be able to walk along side people and live life with them as much as she can. Mentorship and Discipleship has been a long-standing staple that she has been honored to do throughout the years. Showing people that no matter your situation or circumstance, you have a choice and a freedom to walk in your greater purpose, finding your  passion, and faithfully fulfilling it.


Marriage is always a passion topic for Juliette. Being married for 25 years herself has most definitely had its challenges, but it has also had its many blessings. Juliette is in her happy place when she can coach couples to find a healthy and strong anchor to grow from. Desperate couples are often  drawn to her for her compassion, safety, and thoughtful nature which creates a safe space for couples to be vulnerable and easily disables their guards around her.


There is one thing Juliette will not do and that is compromise integrity. No matter what she is building, business or ministry wise, she will always strive for excellence. She is an achiever and one who will always reach higher, and work harder. When Juliette executes a vision, it is done with thoughtfulness, worth and distinction. She  does not strive for useless perfection, but she strives to be her best every time. And she will always challenge you to go further and be better than you could ever expect to be within your self.


Who loves throwing a party? Juliette does! And when she gets around her girls, that’s what she does, she throws them a party! In a Juliette party, you can expect to laugh, play, cry, share, love and make heartfelt authentic connections with other like-minded women! You may never know what to expect, but you can be guaranteed that number 1) God’s presence and Spirit will be there. 2) If you come with an open heart, God will fill it. And 3) She truly loves you and wants to see fullness of Jesus Christ displayed in your life. Juliette speaks at all kinds of events, conferences and churches, but she really enjoys watching people walk in freedom they didn’t know they could achieve.

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What others are saying

"Juliette Ross is one of the most compassionate and effective leaders of our generation. Her class, wisdom, and grace are unparalleled and she leads with humility, transparency and authenticity. Her heart and vision for mentorship, marriage, and leadership is life changing. Juliette implements innovative strategies to curate safe spaces that inspire leaders to press into the hard places of high level leadership, and that is what sets her apart. She is faithful, brilliant and focused. and when she steps on the scene, you know she has come to "Upset the World". 🌎
“When did we become so accustomed to the world around us that we forgot to live by the world within us? The world that reflects the Creator we serve? The life that doesn’t fit in but stands out? Tim inspires you to stop blending and start standing. Allow the Holy Spirit to transform you from the inside out, and soon you will find yourself turning the world upside down.”
"Tim Ross embodies the seemingly paradoxical combination of authentic gentleness toward people and fierce revolutionary passion toward making a difference. Tim's book will inspire readers to see that gentleness and passion aren’t optional extremes to choose between; instead, they are the necessary ingredients to trigger the real change our world desperately needs."
"What if we actually lived out what we shouted about on Sunday mornings? What if we authentically applied what we read in the Bible? What if we consistently loved those who persecuted us and lied to us, and we embraced people who are just searching for God in all the wrong places? We would upset the world! In this book, my mentor, friend, and oversight pastor, Tim Ross, shares practical knowledge and wisdom that I have had the opportunity to experience personally. I believe these truths are the key to shifting our culture and representing Christ to the world."
"Juliette, I Appreciate the Joy that see in her Serving others, the Genuine and generosity of her heart. The Consistency of Listening with Compassion to Help make things Better for Others and the expense of herself. I appreciate her wisdom, and her genuine love for helping people and the Church. To an awesome pool shark, who will beat you badly and watch you bleed with a smile on her face. To an awesome friend, who will get in the trenches and fight WITH you and fight FOR you until you win."
"When Juliette Ross walks into a room she comes carrying the authority of heaven and you just know that you will never be the same. It is impossible to sit beneath her leadership and not be changed from the inside out. Juliette is a woman with a life that’s full of faith and void of pretense. She has eyes full of discernment, and a mouth overflowing with wisdom that will save your life if you listen."
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