After Becoming a MentorU! Member

Apply for 1-on-1 mentorship

Thank you for your interest in getting an even more personalized mentorship experience. Our platform is designed to give you that feel even in a group setting. However, there are some that may want an even more specific conversation.  

Please know that every mentor you request may not be available for 1:1 Mentorship, we do have a few that are open this option. This is a first come, first served basis, as their priority is live interactive weekly meets with you.

Please note, all of our mentors are amazing people who love God and love people and want to see you excel. We only ask that you do not stalk, or harass them. They are all here for you. Please be open that if the mentor you request is unavailable at this time, we will try and find one that can help fit your needs. Please note, if they cannot, it is not a rejection or reflection on you or them, they may just not have the bandwidth right now to do it individually.  

In the meantime, please explore all the mentor’s pages, and the requested mentor will review your application.